1:18 BMW R69S with sidecar, Home Toys Holding, Diecast Metal

The BMW R69S is a relatively high powered (42 hp at 7000 rpm) sport bike, with a 594 cc flour-stroke two cylinder flat twin motor. It was produced in the years 1960-1969 and it was one of the last three BMW motorcycle models that allowed a sidecar, together with the R50/2 and the R60/2.

The 1:18 diecast of the sidecar-equipped model is becoming fairly hard to find, so I decided to get it while I still had the chance.

The first reason I fell in love with this model, except for the sidecar, was the colour, since you don’t see many white 1:18 motorcycles. When I got to actually see it and hold it, I couldn’t help noticing it is a very light diecast, so although the name says “diecast metal”, the sidecar is mostly plastic. That might seem like an inconvenient, but since the model is nicely and correctly represented, I don’t see any reason to complain.

For a sidecar model, the BMW R69S is an elegantly built one and the shape of the sidecar appears to be aerodynamic and unusual, wich I think is a detail that makes it even more beautiful, especially since it is correctly replicated.

Apart from the fair sizing and shapes, the diecast offers some nice details, like a plastic light (unfortunately, the rivet is much too visible), a very good replication of the leather seats and the leather on the sidecar (even if it is just plastic with a pattern, it looks very real) and a beautifully done side stencil.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, and this diecast couldn’t have been an exception. The two things I’m not so crazy about regarding this 1:18 BMW aren’t so bad, actually and they are no of great importance, but they can’t go unnoticed: the chrome on the wheels could have been better and I must say I would have loved it if the tail light hadn’t been painted on, but made of plastic.

Apart from a few misfortunate details, it’s a nice diecast and I’m glad I got the chance to add it to my collection.


1:18 Honda Valkyrie F6C, Welly

Honda Valkyrie F6C is a 100 hp monster cruiser, one that, as they say, stops traffic and makes you turn around to admire it. With a horizontally-opposed, six-cylinder, 1520 cc motor and a little over 300 kg when dry, this motorcycle from Honda is one of the big ones.
It was produced in three models, Standard (1997-2003), Tourer (1997-2000, with a windshield and saddlebags) and Interstate (1999-2001, with a fork-mounted fairing and a trunk), under the names GL1500C in the USA and F6C in the rest of the World.

This is my absolute favourite motorbike, so I decided it would be the first one presented on this page. The diecast, made by Welly, is the Standard black model of the 1997 Honda Valkyrie F6C.
As you can see, the diecast has the correct lines, shape and 1:18 dimension of the original motorbike and the rough, angry, appearance of the cruiser.

Taking into consideration the fact that it is a Welly, I hadn’t expected much from it. The motor is nicely represented, but the chrome on it and on the other parts of the bike isn’t of the highest quality and I’m just saying that to be kind :). Due to this inconvenience, I think the wheels could use a black wash.

What I like about the diecast is that, even though it’s not a high-end one, Welly did their best to make it look realistic. The seat is nicely represented and the pattern on the plastic makes it resemble leather. The brand stencil on the side is nicely done and I think it will last and the license plate is a nice touch.

On the other hand, it would have been nice if the lights had been made of plastic and not painted on. As I said, I wasn’t expecting much, but it would have been a nice surprise coming from Welly and I think this great model would have deserved it.

All in all, a nice diecast of a beautifull motorbike.


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